Trojan Horse

Written 8209031110

Before me she stand..
A statue;
an exquisite sculpture of living flesh.
The purple night air rustles
her soft green hair.
Her leg muscles flex,
rippling beneath the smooth
pale pink skin as she
shifts her weight from the left to
the right hoof.
Her tail hints of lemon yellow
blended with lime; as she casually
fans the air.
Her magnificently angled head
slowly turns toward me;
a sparkle glints from one of her big
emerald eyes.
A soft green bang falls over
her left eye, she shakes
her head gently,
causing the moon light to flash for an instant
off of her beautiful golden horn.
And she is mine.
A gift from beyond the stars.
The first unicorn on earth
and central council has given her to me.
She's beautiful. I love her;
And the friends who gave us such beauty.