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  1. Woodview Condominiums HOA Home Page
  2. This is my condominiums Home Page; with news and happenings...

  3. Adoption on the Web
  4. If you are interested in Adoption; Here are a few of the places I've found

  6. A Software repository and whole bunch more.

  7. Splash Screen Changer
  8. Download my Splash Screen Changer application. Allows you to easily change the Win95 Logo screens.

  9. Registry Backup
  10. Or you can download my Registry backup and restore application. This app makes it simple to recover from a win95 registry corruption. New version available!!

  11. My Newspaper (San Jose Mercury)
  12. Why waste paper and the trees? Recieve your Newspaper online.

  13. -Yahoo- The original Internet Search site.
  14. I have always liked the organization of Yahoo and when they switched to altavisit as their search engine, the site only became better.

  15. Visit DuetchLand and DS-9
  16. Even in Germany DS9 is a hit...

  17. The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
  18. This is a bit more professional looking Babalon 5 page.

  19. Tingley HomeWorld
  20. Kyle has created his own world and he's done some amazing work.

  22. Above is an link to Dilbert and Luann, but here are some NON run of the mill comic strips.

  23. Hank's Digital Art Gallery
  24. Not bad. Not bad at all! I'll be looking for some VRML sites to post.

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